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Land acquisition, investment in the construction of factories and office buildings
Company in 2003, 38 acres of land, and in 2008 and in two phases to complete the construction of the plant in 2014, completed the construction of office buildings and three-dimensional warehouse in 2012, the total plant area of about 24 acres. The company is also the process of expansion of the growing size of the company's history, to create a good platform and foundation for the development of a new round of Xuyang Company.

The introduction of automation equipment, improve work efficiency, stable product quality
Product quality is the cornerstone of the market, is the key to win the trust of users, since the founding of the company has always been the practice of "quality is the enterprise life" concept, and constantly optimize the management, the introduction of advanced equipment, to enhance the efficiency and stability of product quality.
We carry forward scientific management, continuously improve and maintain the vitality of our enterprise.
1) Market oriented, customer-centric; we establish the target forced mechanism, effectively push forward, cooperation under the agreement and continuous innovations and breakthroughs.
2) We work with rules, standardization, information technology, processes, datamation; all results oriented, and all are attending to the data!
3) We pay attention to the construction of spiritual civilization, advocate the atmosphere of happy work ;( As long as we offer the staff to a suitable stage, it eventually will give us more surprises and returns.)
We improve the sales network, and optimize the product structure, make the introduction and training of high-end talent, eventually form our own competitive advantage in the fierce competition in the plastics market.
Committed to becoming the most dynamic industry leader, take the technology without borders, talent without borders, the market without borders road.